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KiddoSpace™ - Math roller stamps

These unique stamp prints simple equations on paper and is loved by parents for helping their children practice maths efficiently.


Easy to use

Perfect for homework and tests

Makes studying maths easy

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Just change numbers in the dialler and print the equations on paper easily.

Makes maths interesting

The stamp makes maths look fun and interesting to children.

Maths made easy

Makes it simple to study maths by printing equations on the go.

Helps make maths worksheets in seconds

Do you remember when your parents used to make maths worksheets for you by hand, writing tens of equations and giving them to you so you could practice and improve maths skills?

Well, this stamp takes the manual out of the equation for you. In just 10 seconds, you can prepare those maths worksheets just like your parents used to make them for you and let your child solve them quickly and easily.

Each stamp is dedicated to one arithmetic operation, and when the ink dries up, just pop off the lid on the side and pour in the ink to use stamp again.

Turn the gear to change the operation

When creating these math stamps… We wanted to make sure that everything is easy and simple to use.

That’s why… Whether you choose to get an addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division stamp…

You can change the operations on all of them by just rotating the gear…It’s that simple!

Each operation can help generate 100 different equations with just one rotation!

Math made simple!

Our stamp is designed so you can use it instantly to create equations and worksheets in seconds that your child could solve.

Each stamp has the capability to print different mathematic equations based on the operation. You can choose from multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction stamps easily.

With just one rotation you can easily change the operations.

Maths made simple, easy, and convenient!

Save money

Instead of wasting money on books to teach maths, get this stamp to pique your child’s curiosity

Maths made interesting

It helps your children fall in love with maths by making it interesting

Easy to use

Takes less than 10 seconds to print a whole worksheet with this stamp

Ideal for many problems

Ideal to print hundreds of problems in seconds

Can be refilled

If the ink dries up, and it can easily be refilled to print more equations

Space saving

Eliminates the need of having multiple textbooks with different equations

Up to 100 operations that make creating worksheets simple

Our stamp was designed to ease your life as a parent… That’s why this stamp helps you with multiple operations.

It’s not restricted to 10 operations alone… Rather, you can easily rotate the gear, choose numbers or operation you want… And print as many equations as you like!

Just rotate the gear and experiment with different numbers and operations easily.

With one operation, you can generate 100 different equations by simply rotating the gear!

Try this maths stamp risk-free today!

At Kiddospace, we’re all about our customers. That’s why, if you don’t like this product for whatever reason, just write back to us within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll give you a complete refund - no strings attached!

What’s included?

  • 1x maths stamp (choose from 4 variations)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

This maths stamp is 5 steps ahead of maths textbooks and other teaching methods


Let your children love maths with this unique maths stamp!

Helps children fall in love with maths

This stamp has the ability to make maths look interesting and unique, which makes children passionate about solving those equations.


It takes only a few seconds to print hundreds of equations on paper using this stamp that makes homework and tests easy


Made with durable material so it doesn’t break easily and stays with you for long

Trusted by thousands of parents around the world!

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