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Earn up to 25% Commission On Every Sale By Spreading The KiddoSpace Magic.

Join us in creating a world where play is a celebration and every child's imagination is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Spread the word and earn your cash reward for helping KiddoSpace get closer to its mission, making everyone’s childhood extraordinary.

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Share your custom referral code with your family and friends and have them use it on the checkout page of KiddoSpace to get a 10% discount.

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Start earning up to 25% commission when a purchase is made from your custom referral code.


Share More - Earn More

Let your loved ones indulge in the KiddoSpace magic and make their lives as parents and children simpler, magical, and exciting. The more you share the code, the more commission and rewards you earn.

These commissions will not be rewards you can use to get discount on our website, instead payment will be directly done to your bank account as your reward for helping spread the KiddoSpace magic.

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