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KiddoSpace™ - Wool Dryer Balls (x6)

These owl-shaped wool drying balls are giving liquid fabric softeners and drying sheets a run for their money.

6 cute wool dryer balls

100% natural wool

No chemicals and additives to soften the fabric

Reduces drying time by 25%

Free from animal testing

Safe for sensitive skin

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For sensitive skin

These balls contain no additives or chemicals that could inflame a skin condition.

Easy to use

Only throw the ball in with the laundry… And it’s done!

Environment Friendly

It is made from 100% natural wool without any chemicals that are harmful to our environment.

Drying time reduced by 25%!

Just like owls have feathers that allow them to fly silently… These owl-shaped balls have features that makes them reduce drying time to minutes.

If you want to get done with drying the clothes quickly, then these balls are perfect for you.

When the ball rolls between the fabric it traps the heat in between the clothes which accelerates the drying time.

On average, you could save more than 15 minutes on a 1-hour drying session.

As an added bonus, the clothes will come out dry and wrinkle-free!

No more skin breakouts and rashes from drying sheets

Does your child have sensitive skin and the fabric softener liquids and drying sheets inflame the condition?

Well, not anymore.

As owls are known to be gentle and soft creatures with their feathers being incredibly soft and warm…

We’ve taken that inspiration and applied it to these balls.

These owl-shaped wool balls are made from 100% natural wool without any additives that don’t inflame or irritate the skin.

So now, you won’t need to use any synthetic measures to soften the fabric!

Save time, money, and the planet

Use these wool balls without breaking a sweat! They’re long-lasting and made of 100% natural wool

Save time

Reduce drying time by 25% per session

Soften laundry

Eliminate the wrinkles and stiffness


Lasts up to 1000 loads of laundry

Save money

These balls cost less than drying sheets and fabric softeners 

Chemical free

Made from 100% natural wool 

Cute shape

The wool balls are designed in owl shapes that looks cute and intriguing

Resilient like owls!

Owls are a sign of resilience, and we’ve translated that resilience into the form of these balls.

Drying sheets and fabric softeners are expensive and run out quickly – We all know it.


Unlike drying sheets that run out instantly, these balls can sustain up to 1000 loads of your laundry before needing to be replaced.

Due to their long-lasting quality, these balls are perfect for all parents, saving you money that would otherwise be wasted on buying drying sheets repeatedly.

Prevents static buildup and softens the fabric!

Are your kid’s clothes always stiff and wrinkly?

With these wool balls, your child’s clothes will come out super softlike a rose petal

While being free from wrinkles and static electricity.

So whatever piece of fabric you want to soften – These balls are ideal for all situations!

Save the planet from harm!

Normal fabric softeners come with harmful additives that harm the environment.

Our wool balls are made up of 100% natural wool that is free from any chemicals. That's why it’s safe for people and the planet.

Plus, we use biodegradable packaging that reduces the carbon footprint to keep you satisfied and the planet safe!

These wool balls are 5 steps ahead of any other fabric softener or dryer

How you can make the planet better with KiddoSpace™


Our products are not tested on animals as we’re committed to keeping the experiments animal-free.

Save the wildlife

We believe in ditching the toxic plastic for good! That’s why our packaging comes in biodegradable plastic that composes quickly.


We don’t use any chemicals that could harm the environment. That’s why our products are made from 100% natural ingredients.

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